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Sevilla Restaurant received the James Beard Award in 2015, proving our commitment to serving the finest cuisine in the country. This award goes to restaurants that are exceptional in the way that they present specific ethnicities of food, and we are proud to keep the Spanish food traditions alive.

Spanish cuisine is not a profession that we take lightly. Sevilla Restaurant represents centuries of history in Spain and around the world. We make our food exactly in the way that the Spaniards have done for hundreds of years. We learned our cooking methods from family traditions, passed down for generations in Spanish families. We understand how to preserve the classical tastes of centuries past, and we are dedicated to continuing food traditions that most modern chefs have forgotten.

Though we are a traditional family restaurant with many unique entrees, we also have all of the Spanish comfort foods that you know and love. For example, both Spanish residents and locals consider our empanadillas the best in NYC, NY. In addition, you would be hard-pressed to find better churros in Manhattan.

Let Spain come to you in the form of food. Enjoy Sevilla Restaurant with all of your family and friends.

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